In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959) we enter into a fairytale world where everyone is under a deep slumber. Of course they never lived within a time frozen world – it was a curse.

     Upon Sleeping Beauty’s birth, the kingdom rejoiced with celebration for the new baby. As such, many are invited to bear gifts – three such being from plump, friendly fairies. Everyone in attendance is white and upper class until Maleficent bursts in to give her gift.

Maleficent is grey hued adorning black attire. Her crow is black.

Her henchmen are black.

The beastly antagonist is black.

Everything dark in this movie is evil.

The movie is filled with the pretty obvious tones of disdain for anything that diverges from the white supremacist layer of the times.  During that time, crow was a slur for African-Americans.  By making everything that’s darker than beige negative, they are reinstitutionalizing the dangerous permeating messages of racism.

Not only does Disney provide this color scheme for this movie, but a similar dark colored scheme to represent evil occurs unanimously in most Disney movies.