♠ Being independent and powerful make you evil

“Maleficent is a badass. She is the only female character who actually does something in this movie. Why is she evil? Because she refuses to obey what is set in place by the society. Oooh. Maleficent wasn’t even going to curse Aurora until the other fairies told her she wasn’t wanted. I don’t agree that she should have taken it out on little Aurora, but she was willing to have a little compassion until everyone acted like giant jerks. Maleficent is an independent and powerful woman who doesn’t let the so-called standards of the kingdom keep her from doing what she wants. But she’s a bitch for it, apparently.”

♠ Your only use is to bear children

“Do you know what the queen’s name is? Probably not because she’s never addressed by her name, but it’s Leah in case you were wondering. She doesn’t speak and no one ever really interacts with her. Aurora is only referred to as the king’s child, basically making the Queen obsolete except to have babies.”

♠ Beauty is the most important quality

“In this fairy tale, fairies bestow gifts upon baby Aurora. She is given the gift of beauty and song. That’s it. No one bestows wit or intelligence or anything upon her. Beauty and song. So now Aurora has nothing to do except look pretty and carry a tune.”

♠  Love at first site

“At least it takes Mulan and some later Princesses a few days to fall in love. So you meet a random guy in the middle of the forest? MUST BE LOVE”

♠ You’re basically useless

“Aurora is asleep and doesn’t get to do anything for herself. She has no qualities other than beauty and her kindness. Her literal dream in life is to fall in love. That’s it. She has no ambitions or goals other than that, which is why she is able to fall in love with the first guy who walks through the woods.”

♠ No consent is okay

“We saw this in Snow White too. Princess Aurora is asleep. Prince Phillip kisses her without consent. That is not okay. I don’t care that this is a fairy tale and “But true love’s first kiss!” No. This is creepy.”

♠ You need a man to save you

“There’s no escape for Aurora except for being saved by a dude who doesn’t even get consent from her.”